Science: „Definition Voltage“

Hello, it’s me Paul and today you will be able to understand what voltage is!

Voltage, voltage, everywhere and always present ,but what is voltage? Voltage is in fact the differenz between two electrical potentials. In order to understand what electrical potentials are, we make a littel thought experiment. You are on a table and you have two balls. One ball is on the table and the second one is in your hand. Now the two balls are forced to fall to the ground cause of newton 😛 but they can´t, cause the table and your hand. We can say, this balls have a potential to fall to the ground, but the ball in your hand has a bigger potential to fall to the ground, because it is higher placed! Due to this differences of the power in these balls, the force between these balls are the tension, our gravitational potenial! Very nice, now you should imagine, that this two balls are electrons and we have formed our electrical potentials or in proper definition, our voltage!

Have fun
Paul Stanik