Science: „Circular Motion“

Hello, today I am willing to show you, how circular motion works and I give you an explaination of the processes behind.

First of all, you should know what circular motion is! Circular motion -or especially not accelerated circular motion- is a process, which ensures you to move on a radial way.

There are two certain things which are responsible for a circular motion, namely you need a velocity and a force, but this two vectors have to be orthographic. Now the force will change the direction of the velocity`s vector. Cause the direction of the force`s vector, the motion of the object which has a velocity, will be forced in a circular motion way if the force is still orthopraphic to the new velocity´s vector.

These natural based processes are mentioned in every part of our live, e.g. the motion of the moon or the motion of a carousel.

I hope, I could give you an enlightment of how the world works and I want to apologise for bad English skills!

Paul Stanik