Where does the visitors came from

Hey there, hope you all had a great valentine day! Yesterday I watched my site statistics and it’s very interesting to see where does the visitors came from. I have visitors all over the world, thanks for that. I’m proud to see that not only german people visit my site. Here you can see it by yourself. (Visitors came from the green marked countries)

Google Analytics Karte
Besucher aus mehreren Ländern

You can see I have mainly visitors from Germany. I haven’t expected anything else 😉 So I decided to watch where does the German people came from. See it here…

Google Analytics Stadt
Besucher aus Deutschland

So this means Ulm is the number one city! But lets say we make it even more exactly. No not the streets in the city, this is something I cannot do. But we look up the provider. And yeah very interesting!

Google Analytics Provider
Provider der Besucher

Provider namely universitaet ulm… If I were studying there I would say Ok, but I study in Augsburg. So this is pretty interesting. I think who this could be, but it doesn’t have to, if it’s so then it’s a really surprise for me 😉

Well, I wish you a great sunday. And do the best in your life!