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[Update] What the doctors say…

Last week I already had announced that my back is not very healthy. Yesterday I had now the CT. And you can say I am lucky in disguise! Because I do not have an inborn error in the spine (vertebrae sliding) but my disc is „only“ pretty bad. That means I can still do sports, Weiterlesen »

What the doctors say…

Today I was by a radiologists to look closer on my back after the health check I made for two weeks, which I past with very good results. My back hurts for a longer time now, so it was time to check this part of my body. The result is the following, I will certainly Weiterlesen »

Some might say..

Need help from you. Someone send me a anonymus mail but i couldn’t read it very well. Originally in German: Es ist nicht das Geheimnis. Aber wenn es war, würde ich dir sagen: Ja, ich habe eine wunderbar. Aber es bedeutet nicht, dass du kannst nicht sagen, hallo zu mir. Es schmerzt mich mehr, wenn Weiterlesen »