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Bavarian Holidays

Yes, the sun is shining, people going outsight, music is all over the place, and even the summer-feelings are occuring, but there are just a few people working and learning during this time. So God bless them!

I come into you

Hey girls on every part on earth, if you are keen on me, write me. I am a very tough and moral person, so I will be your enlightment that`s for sure! So, come on write to me, don´t be reluctant be confident!

[Update] What the doctors say…

Last week I already had announced that my back is not very healthy. Yesterday I had now the CT. And you can say I am lucky in disguise! Because I do not have an inborn error in the spine (vertebrae sliding) but my disc is „only“ pretty bad. That means I can still do sports, Weiterlesen »

What the doctors say…

Today I was by a radiologists to look closer on my back after the health check I made for two weeks, which I past with very good results. My back hurts for a longer time now, so it was time to check this part of my body. The result is the following, I will certainly Weiterlesen »